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Beautician Inspired


Beautician Inspired is a non-fiction approach to introducing children into the beauty industry. Because the beauty world encompasses hobbies and careers in hair, skin, and nails, the decision to become a part of it is fulfilling and rewarding. In this book, a sister and brother are eager to learn more about certified cosmetologists in the beauty industry. Because beauty salons are considered the service sector of the beauty industry, the mother creates a vision for the children to understand what cosmetologists do daily inside of salon settings. The mother mentions the technical part of becoming a cosmetologist and the adventurous and creative side of it. She ensures the children understands that a cosmetologist can take care of their clients from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet.


Cosmetologists have a wide range of duties to perform depending on what type of salon setting and clients they choose to service. The mom’s intention is to allow the children’s imagination to run wild in the same way as she describes the cosmetologists do. To hear fun and exciting things to do in the beauty industry can possibly inspire children to explore career opportunities such as becoming a cosmetologist and enjoy the freedom, passion and rewards that comes with it.